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   Rib Ace
   Raw Edge Cog
   Standard Wrapped
      • Fractional H.P.
      • Multiple
   Synchronous Timing

Conveyor Belts紫城娱乐平台登录地址

   Abrasion Resistant
   Heat Resistant
   Oil Resistant
   Food Grade
   Woven Rough Top
   Chevron Cleated
   Bucket Elevator

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Philbelt's Continuing Commitment
to World-Class Quality Products

     Product consistency and high quality standards have earned Philbelt World-Class Marks from reputable quality standard agencies and companies in the U.S. and Japan.

     Philbelt V-Belts have been awarded the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Mark in 1991 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in Japan. The accreditation process of JIS required intensive screening and evaluation to ensure the capability of a company to meet and maintain rigid quality standards and quality consistency.

     As a major supplier of belts for General Electric of Kentucky, U.S.A., Philbelt has been cited by the company with its "Class A Excellent Supplier" distinction for having consistently supplied zero-defect V-Belts.

     Consistent in-process checking employees, awareness of product standards, and company quality assurance systems - these are the elements that make Philbelt an accepted quality-product supplier.


Power Transmission Belts百度娱乐平台登录地址

     Philbelt distributes four types of power transmission belts: the Rib Ace Belt, Raw Edge Cog Belt, Standard Wrapped Belt and the Synchronous Timing Belt.

Conveyor Belts 和盛娱乐平台登录地址

     Philbelt can design and manufacture individualized conveyor belts that are tailor-made to the specific requirement of the client. This guarantees the technical and economical optimization of the belt.

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     Aside from V-Belts & Conveyor Belts, Philbelt also offers the following products:

  • Flat Transmission Belts

  • Rubber Sheets

  • Rubber Skirting

  • Pulley Lagging

  • Splicing Chemicals

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